Supporting Port Moody Police Department

Kia West is proud to support the Port Moody Police Department! We serve our community by standing together with the police department and providing [Read More]

Drive Change at Kia West

Any change is a good change. The Kia Drive Change is an initiative which happens every year on August 21st. It encourages people to come together and work with each other towards improving their communities.


You can do your part to help out by putting on your own event or attending a local event to help raise money for your community. For Kia Canada it's about being a positive corporate citizen and making the world around us a better place. It has allowed them to give back in meaningful ways to the communities that have supported the Kia name.

Kia Drive Change
has paired with MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, to help make the communities across North America more aware. They are working together to make the roads safer and people more aware of the issues and heartbreak surrounding drunk driving.

Come into Kia West and see how we are making a difference in your community and take the pledge with us today!

Kia West is Proud Sponsor of Coquitlam Adanacs

The Coquitlam Adanac lacrosse team has a long history, beginning back in 1933 as a basketball team decided to form a lacrosse team for off-season play. Today, the team boasts top talent with players showcasing their skills in all areas of the game. From Ryan Johnson as Top Scorer to Bruce Murray as Outstanding Defense, the team strives to be well-rounded, bringing an exciting game to Coquitlam fans.

While winning the Mann Cup title in 2001 is still considered one of the greatest moments in Coquitlam lacrosse history, the team doesn't rest on its laurels. A new general manager has just been announced, promising to increase the skills of players, coaches and team executives through his more than 40 years of experience. With exciting changes in store for the Adanac lacrosse team, Kia West is proud to be part of the future of this sport in Coquitlam.

We are so happy that our company could come together and show support to a community that was in need. No matter how far away or how close we as a company believe in standing strong together and helping others out!

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