Drive Change 2016

To give back to the community this year, Kia West decided to stay very local and participate in sponsoring our local communities Coquitlam125 Salmon Art Project. Salmon are an integral part of the story of Coquitlam, and we feel as a company bringing this awareness to others that live here is very important. They remind all of us of the nature that is around us as well as the early residents (First Nations and European alike). The stories that are told on the 12 large decorated salmon’s sculptures reflect the city’s past, present and future in which we all are a large part of.

Each sculpture is 6 feet tall, 5 ½ feet deep and 1 ½ feet wide. Our $5000 sponsorship allowed us to give back not only to our local community but to also help give awareness to local artist’s talent. We firmly believe in this art project and how it has brought Coquitlam’s community, businesses, organizations and individuals closer together.