Kia Mobility Program

Kia has shown how much it cares about the communities where it serves in all sorts of ways. The Kia Mobility Program is yet another demonstration of community involvement and commitment from this manufacturer. Kia wants everyone to have access to one of its vehicles, regardless of the obstacles and challenges they face.

The Program

Many people with a disability would be able to drive a vehicle with a few changes and special equipment. Kia wants to help those with the desire to drive to have the ability to do so. The Kia Mobility Program provides a rebate of up to $750 for the purchase of special equipment and the cost of installation in a Kia vehicle.

With this program, drivers with special mobility needs can purchase a Kia Sorento, Kia Sportage, Kia Optima, or other model and have it outfitted with equipment designed to assist the owner in driving the vehicle. Whether it is a ramp or special handlebar to help drivers get inside or equipment to help them apply pressure to the brakes or gas pedals, the right equipment can assist in mobility and enhance the feeling of independence.


To qualify for the Kia Mobility Program, you must provide the proper document from a licensed medical provider explaining the permanent disability which leads to the need for adaptive driving equipment. The rebate can reduce the selling price of the Kia vehicle before taxes.

To learn more about the Kia Mobility Program, you can visit with your local Greater Vancouver Kia Dealer - Kia West. Ask the staff about any terms and conditions to ensure you meet the requirements. Select your next Kia model from Kia West and enjoy the freedom that driving brings.

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