Wilms Cancer Foundation

For the month of November we are wanting to take our title as the #1 Kia Dealership in Canada and leverage it to bring awareness to a cause everyone here at Kia West believes in.
Our General Manager was fortunate enough to be introduced to an amazing kind man named TJ Hodgkinson. TJs son, William, is fighting a battle that no kid should ever have to fight, Wilms (or ‘nephroblastoma’) Cancer. After hearing about this and getting educated on it, everyone at Kia West was shocked at how little information there is out there on this type of cancer.
We are going to take the month of November to show as much support to TJ and William as possible and really push awareness of Wilms Cancer. Also, utilizing our high volume of sales we are going to donate $100 from every vehicle we sell. Even if you don't need a vehicle there is a great website about Wilms Cancer Foundation, and Williams personal fight, that you can donate on if you would like to.
We encourage everyone to take a moment and share any post this month we have about Wilms Cancer Foundation on our social media profiles and help bring awareness to this. This foundation does amazing things to help give back to families fighting this horrific battle and take any financial burdens off of them so they can be together during the difficult times.